Chapter 1:

Okay! Here we go! Please enjoy the first chapter of Can You Feel Me?


G said...

I like the drawings of the main character. You clearly spent a lot of time on her. The detail with the room and essentially social security number is a nice touch.

There is a spelling error on the third page. you have "you" and it should be "your"

Don't really like it. It doesn't seem interesting, not very gripping. What the freak is up with the girl flicking off her sister in the beginning? Bad call. Wouldn't make many people want to read it.

Doesn't quite look filled in. People online are used to looking at manga and stuff and the detail that they have in that. Yes they have many writers working for them, but still, the background isn't very good. Too far away and you can't make anything out, too close and you don't see enough.

There's no way that 5 pages makes up a chapter in any story.

Love you Katharine. Applesauce

chirimoya_08 said...

I don't have any formal experience in comic books so as an outsider I think this is good for your first comic book. In my opinion it's hard to give an opinion having only read the first chapter but so far the drawings are really great and give a nice comic book feel and I also like how you put details in the room. As a comic book I don't think it needs to have a million and one pages, because it's not a book. So I disagree with the previous comments. Comic books try to hold your attention that's why there are various issues that tell one story that could probably be told a lot quicker. I think it's fine that you structured it like that. It makes sense to me. As for the flicking off of the sister it actually makes me intrigued. As in I would like to know more about this relationship the main character has with her sister and her family in general, and I hope in the subsequent chapters we figure her out a bit more. Which I believe is the point of your story. I'm very interested to see where you go with the story Kat.

All in all...I liked it and can't wait to read more!