And for my first act...

This is Kat. This is her blog site. This is the place where you can read her on going comic book "Can You Feel Me?". (...that title will probably be changed but for now it will do)
Premis of the story:
So, what happens when you stick 300 American college students from all walks of life into a building for 4 months and leave them there? This comic dramatizes the types of hijinks that ensue.
Reason for the story:

There is a little question I have been trying to answer: Can prejudice be eradicated or is it too much a part of the human condition?

I believe that you can decrease the ignorance in the world through understanding and acceptance. "Coexistance". If you know why people act irrationally over issues like race, religion, sexuality, and class then you learn how to navigate through social interactions without insulting as many people. Or at least being aware of why they are angry.


chirimoya_08 said...

That's interesting Kat. I'm excited to read it and to see the drawings. I looked on yr Inc. site and you are amazingly talented! I had no idea.

Kat Patrick said...

Aw, you're making me blush...
Thanks chirimoya_08!